Try a new recipe day: Celebratory stew

Today is “Try a New Recipe Day.” This is convenient, as I’d already decided it needed to be get-me-the-heck-outta-the-house day. New recipe = shopping for new ingredients.


I work from home, and because my kids are small, most days the emphasis is more “home” than “work.” It’s relative isolation, that’s what it is. And let me tell you, it’s not always pretty. That means I’m often compelled to concoct an errand or two, anything to put me smack in the center of human society for a few hours. (Who’s with me? We all know a mommy’s mental health can be secured at market.)

Now, I could find nothing on the Internet to substantiate the validity of “Try a New Recipe Day,” which I read about this morning in the magazine our gym sends in the mail. Maybe it was their marketing department’s or editorial board’s idea. No matter – as you know, I’m not habit-happy in the kitchen, so I’m in.

Consider this a call to join the celebration, however spurious! What new recipes are you keen to try?


I’m going with a fish stew, because it calls for saffron threads and fennel seeds — two ingredients of the zillion called for in the recipe that my cupboard actually has at the ready. And anything including saffron and fennel seems apropos for an invented-at-random “holiday.”

My recipe selected, I got out of my house and into our favorite market, Quinn in tow.

We chatted up the produce guy as I picked the right-sized fennel bulb and exchanged smiles with another shopper as I waited for the cod to be weighed and wrapped. After meandering the aisles surrounded by other, living, breathing members of humankind, picking up miscellaneous goodies, we finally found tonight’s sanity-in-a-bottle: a bottle of clam juice. For the stew, of course.



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