In good company

I’m a fan of kitchen time – this you know. And, like many of you other fantastic cooks out there, I also love to read about cooking, about who’s cooking what and how they’re doing it.

That’s part of why I started writing here, because I’m an ardent reader of other people’s cooking blogs. They’re my favorite kind of blog to read (other than that of my friend, Tiff, because she’s so super smart). So, naturally, I get all excited when I find my very own little blog is included in lists of blogs other people read and enjoy. And that, my readers, of course leads to my discovery of even more cooking blogs I want to catch up with on a regular basis. And so the circle continues.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a new resource I found with a list of blogs that are great reads (and I’m on it!). It’s called Great Cooks. Jill McKeever, who’s in charge over there, told me in an e-mail, “Your blog is absolutely entertaining and informative. I’m thrilled to have it on the Great Cooks Blogroll.” What a day-maker, that Jill! Pop on over to her site and find a new recipe, make a new friend. That’s what this whole thing’s all about, right? Enjoy.


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  1. 1

    Now you’ve made my day, Trisha! Thank you very much!

    I cannot wait for you to get involved over at, we are having a great time together over there.

    Have fun today!

  2. 2

    tiff said,

    Great cooks, you’re everywhere-holler! (thanks for the shout-out sista!)

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