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What did you have for lunch today? I’m dying to know, hurting for new lunch ideas. Do tell, and fast.

I have hummus on an almost-daily basis: a pile of hummus and assorted vegetables and whole-wheat pitas for dipping (I hear hummus is good for the waistline. Not that I think about that stuff). And then soup. I almost always follow with a cup of soup, even if it’s summer, because the air conditioner’s blasting with a constancy that would make Jane Austen proud.

Today I got rowdy, just a little. I smeared hummus on the pitas, instead of doing my usual dipping routine, and toasted them to make mini pizzas with roasted peppers and feta. And when they were done I stood in front of the toaster oven with the door open to feel the heat, because, as I said, that air conditioner is really efficient right now. (The house isn’t cold; the moving air just makes me cold.)

I really don’t want to take much time to feed myself, to make a production out of lunch. But even when I’m supposed to be concentrating on work and there’s laundry to be done, blood sugar rules. And so hummus and veggies, which I always have on hand, are my go-to, midday meal.

But I’d love to hear your thoughts – except I’m no Edward Cullen and so I need you to put it in writing. What’s fast, healthy and satisfying (and preferably doesn’t come shrink-wrapped in a box) that you like to eat? I can see you out there, you lurkers, you. You visit me on a regular basis, and I’m always so happy to have you. So speak up — the time is now! The silence, not to mention my tired lunch, is killing me.

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  1. 1

    WOW! I am so going to make this tomorrow! I eat hummus almost daily too. Although I recently made a spread from nuts that I have been using. I like making wraps or sandwiches with my hummus – lettuce, red onion, olives and cheese with hummus – and some salt and vinegar kettle chips on the side.

    I love soup! But even WITH the AC, here in FLA, it is hard to imagine!

  2. 2

    Mandy said,

    Sheesh — I had leftovers! Usually that’s what I have, or a sandwich or something. I guess my lunch routine is tired, too…

  3. 3

    sarah said,

    My good friends at Trader Joes gave me this awesome lunch idea. They took pre-cooked chicken breast strips, chimichurri sauce and an avocado and placed them on lavosh bread. It made a very good wrap. However I’m not the most prepared person always so I substituted any grilled/cooked veggie sometimes. Or hummus for the chimichurri (their pre-made chimichurri is GOOD!). Or I just use salad fixings with good lunch meat, and dressing but roll it up in the lavosh bread. It’s just a nice change from regular bread or pitas.

  4. 4

    Trisha said,

    Jenn – I’d love to know more about this nut spread you’re talking about.
    Mandy – Leftovers aren’t so bad — some leftovers are worth looking forward to.
    Sarah – Thanks for the heads up on TJ’s chimichurri – I’ll have to put that one on the shopping list!

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