All the makings

You’re the lucky viewer of an indoor picnic*. A little French feta, some Basils Bavarian smoked cheddar, slices of cabernet-colored heirloom tomato (I splurged!), a trusty baguette.

And a French Kiss melon, whatever that is (I thought we were on to something bordering on exotic, but it looks, smells and tastes suspiciously like cantaloupe).

The rules we decided on, as we dashed to the market for provisions, were simply that we would select fruit and cheese we hadn’t tried before. Emmie and Quinn are adventurous and eager cheese tasters, and after sampling a few — graciously offered by the cheese lady – they made their choices.

School’s off today for conferences, and so I get my girls. I had planned on a day of baking with them, but my blasted oven is broken – again! So instead we camped out, blanket and all, in the center of the sunlight-filled living room.

All that was missing was the cookies.

* In case you’re wondering why an August picnic had to be held indoors, it’s a humid 103 degrees Fahrenheit today (that’s about 40 degrees for you Celsius readers).


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    BPC said,

    It’s great how you introduce new taste to your children intead of Kraft Mac’n’Cheese

  2. 2

    tiiff said,

    Trish you’re the coolest! I hope one of my boys marries one of your cultered daughters!

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