Never board a ship without an onion

It was the Dutch who coined that particularly useful piece of advice. (Aren’t you glad to know?)

It’s a pretty bad idea, heading off on a long voyage, onion-less. I, for one, wouldn’t dare a transatlantic crossing without the bulb. Where would soup be without an onion? Or marinara? Or stir-fry?


The world at large has generated whole chapters of food-related proverbs. Like the French, who said, “The man who sells onions knows a good leek.” Also French, and also true in my opinion, is this one: “He who does not eat cheese will go mad.”

I came across these in a book of lesser-known proverbs. Here are a few other bites of sagacity you really should have in your possession.

“The grimness of labor is better than the saffron of sloth.” –Egyptian

“Rest after a meal, even if your parents are dead.” –Japanese

“Never bolt your door with a boiled carrot.” –Irish

“Two hazelnuts make an army for the walnut.” –Serbian

“No herring, no wedding.” –Manx

“One sprinkles the most sugar where the tart is burnt.” — Dutch

And finally, a wise remark if there ever was one:

“When the food tastes best, stop eating.”

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    Elisa said,

    There was a time, a few years back, when I thought I couldn’t afford onions. (ah, the joys of student life.) “They’re the least of the ingredients; not nearly as important as the tomato or the broccoli,” I’d say. That certainly didn’t last long, once I realized what I was truly missing. I’ll never go back. 😉

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