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Nigella radio

I can pretty much guarantee I’ll never-ever-ever cook the ham & Cherry Coke recipe Nigella Lawson described on NPR’s Morning Edition today, but I still feel inspired hearing her go on about it.


It’s not just the accent. It’s that she shares the same heartening “everybody can and everybody should cook” philosophy that I love in Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

If you like to cook — and particularly if you’re keen on the loose art of kitchen improv — you’ll enjoy this interview. Nigella talks about using a recipe as a jumping off point for one’s own food creations. We tend to say we are “following” a recipe, but a recipe follower is just that: a follower. Not necessarily a negative thing. Following a recipe, with the intent to reproduce a dish exactly as described in print, is indeed cooking; it achieves the end goal of food on the table.

But when your intent reaches beyond the recipe — when you’re engaged in that risky and adventurous behavior of trial and error — that’s when you’re cooking well.

And that holds true even if your spontaneous broccoli pesto proves a bit too garlicky. Because, like Nigella says, that just means you know what to tweak next time around.

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