Out of the blue

Call me determined. Call me stupid. I’m answering to both right now.

I don’t know how it happened, but I ran out of olive oil. I feel like I go through a lot, what with all the vinaigrettes I whip up and the sweet potatoes I roast and the pasta I dress. I often have a couple different bottles on hand to use in different recipes, but somehow, both of my regulars ran out at the exact same time — and at 8:30 in the morning, just as I was in the middle of making a batch of pizzette dough for dinner.


All I needed was 1/4 of a cup. Not much at all in the grand scheme of globally produced olive oil. I dumped both bottles upside down and let the drips ease into measuring cups, crossing my fingers that, between the two, I’d be able to come up with enough. In one bottle, there was barely a teaspoon. But when I peered into this bottle, I could swear I saw a 1/4 cup in there — it just wasn’t coming out.

I dug out my can opener and tried for several long and determined minutes to cut off the metal top, but between the ridge being a little tall on top and the metal being thicker than the usual can, it wasn’t really cutting through. I did what I could with the can opener and then, stupidly, I stuck my fingers in to pry the metal back.

I had a warning, a split-second rush of knowing: If I used my fingers, I was probably going to slit a finger or two open. But in pathetic desperation I did it anyway. Another split-second later, I had a gash — not a mere cut, but a gash — on the lower part of my left ring finger. This was three days ago, and it still looks nasty and threatens to bleed if I just look at it wrong.

But, I had my olive oil, barely enough.

And the bottle, which came out just better than my finger, was a perfect start to a fun little game that Camille at Croque-Camille tagged me with: Find seven blue things in your house (or thereabouts) and carry out a little show-and-tell.


So here are my seven: 1) the coasters I bought with my sister the day we drove to Ottawa from Montreal 2) the withholding bottle of Nicolas Alziari extra virgin that is responsible for the fat gauze around my finger 3) the picture on the calendar that came with my shipment of Rancho Gordo heirloom beans 4) a bag of all-purpose flour that gets used once in a blue moon 5) the Van Gogh sunflowers representation by Quinn three years ago in French preschool 6) some shimmering cookies I made last Christmas and 7) the blueberry scones I made for my birthday, courtesy of the Rose Bakery cookbook

I’m tagging Claire, Julianne, Brittney, and Tiffany.


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  1. 1

    tiff g. said,

    I meant to ask you why you had that boxing glove of a band aid on-ouch. Just as long as you didn’t bleed into your dough its all good.
    This tag you tagged with me is actually a fun, original one, I’m in. Thanks!

  2. 2

    Elisa said,

    Aaah! That just makes me cringe at the thought of what happened to you! Sadly, I probably would have done the same thing! Luckily, the staple I ran out of last week is garlic–not too much threatening me there. Heal quickly! (And I love the photo mélange! You’ve got a good eye. :))

  3. 3

    Those coasters are gorgeous! Hope your finger heals quickly (and that your dough was worth it)! 🙂

  4. 4

    Trisha said,

    tiff: Yeah, me and my “boxing glove” have been making the rounds. : ) Thankfully it’s scaled down to a few Band-aids and some first-aid tape.

    Elisa: I would hate to run out of garlic! To the store with you — and hurry!

    Camille: The dough was absolutely worth it, no question!

  5. 5

    food4two said,

    Ok I’m onto it, but I’m not very good at photography.
    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I went in for an operation on my neck last week and have been a bit out of it.

    Sounds like a fun task, i’m going to have to start hunting round my house for things.


    (hope your hands ok now!)

  6. 6

    Trisha said,

    Claire: Sorry to hear about your operation. Hope you’re up and back at cooking soon!

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