I’m the gloomy addressee of yet another flimsy postcard announcing the regretful demise of a magazine. This time it’s Cookie, and it makes for the third one this year to go bye-bye (following my beloved Domino at the first of the year and, later, Gourmet).

Why am I so bummed? Notwithstanding that this points again to the general sad state of print media, Cookie was a bright resource in this age of modern parenting, full of pretty things and smart writing. Reading it felt like indulgence, not like I was boning up on parenting know-how.

I’ll probably miss the cooking articles most, the way editors emphasized real cooking for real kids who eat real food. I’ve clipped as many well-written recipes out of Cookie as I have any food magazine.

My favorite column was the one that sketched out dinners like a road map (called “So You Have…”). It would start with a photo of something at the center — avocados, wilted greens, eggs, whatever you might have handy — and point the way to three possible meal outcomes. It was dinner-at-a-glance, positioned to make any busy mom feel like quality homemade was possible in a snap. Cookie‘s food coverage — indeed, the bulk of it’s articles — were practical and intelligent with the aesthetics to match.



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