This qualifies for the “do try this at home” category: Egg on pizza.

I saw it in the pages of last month’s Sunset magazine: Some hip pizzeria somewhere in hip California is cracking eggs atop pizza moments before it’s fully cooked. Because I’m never one to turn down the lush, enriching quality of an oozy egg yolk, I was effectively intrigued. But since I can’t drop everything and road-trip it west anytime soon (sad, isn’t it, this stable and scheduled little domestic life I lead?), I figured I’d better experiment with an egg or two and some home-rolled pizza dough.

Sunset says the combination works best with toppings that pair well with eggs. Imagine the possibilities then, given that more things taste good with eggs than not.

To wit: spicy tomato sauce, thin-sliced red-skinned potatoes and roasted kale — a deserving wintry cliche — all scattered over with a little mozz and some Parm. I made sure to leave little indentations in the toppings, so that when I pulled my pizza stone out during the last five minutes of cook time, the eggs would have somewhere to go.

I used four eggs, one for each of us, and we each voted that egg on pizza qualifies for another category: that of “Must make again.”



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  1. 1

    You see this at a lot of French pizzerias. Most Americans think it sounds weird, but are converted instantly upon trying it.

  2. 2

    sarah said,

    On one of the Spilled Milk podcasts they were discussing fried eggs on things. Pizza escaped them. This sounds good! The sort of thing that makes me say “why didn’t I think of that?”

  3. 3

    Trisha said,

    Camille: I’m a definite convert, and would love to try this in a pizzeria with a bonafide blazing pizza oven (and if I happen to be in France when I do, all the better!).

    Sarah: Thanks for leading me to Spilled Milk! I’m excited to listen.

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