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First things

I’ve just got crow for a tiny moment. But with the crowing must come the mea culpa: I’m remiss because the truly brilliant Camille at Croque-Camille awarded me the Brilliante Weblog award at the end of September, and I’ve yet to pass it on. September, people! Seems so long ago, but I’m still flush with appreciation.

I really didn’t mean to hang on to the award for this long, and I’m sure I’ve breached all kinds of blogging etiquette. The award came just as my kids’ fall break started and we went out of town, and so my blog reading time slumped considerably.

But — I’m back at it, and have a new favorite: Diary of a Fanatic Foodie. I’m loving Heather’s colorful recipes right now, and thanks to her, I’m now aware of the existence of the purple pepper.

And now to a guy who hardly needs my endorsement: I’d also like to pass the award on to Jude at Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté. He’s up to some enviable culinary endeavors, and has a lovely way with a camera.

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