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Sights: A bowl of just-plucked grapefruit, stems and leaves intact; a tangle of onions shimmering bronze and soft

Sounds: The clatter of rain on the roof; the hiss of moisture in a hot saucepan; the piano undergoing practice, and the recitation of French devoirs

Smells: Woody rosemary; bright lemon; necessary garlic; and rain, when the door is opened

Touch: The light heft of a wooden spoon; the tenderness of an avocado; the grooved, cold handle of a pan

Tastes: Creamy cannellini; hint of bay; crush of orange

Menu: Rosemary white bean soup; grilled cheese with aged Kingston cheddar; salad of baby greens, orange segments, avocado and a smattering of walnuts, chopped

This is my winter.



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