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This salad inspired by…

We’ve been here before, right? This territory looks strikingly familiar: the long, hot days; the stretching blue sky; the kids — their stuff, their noise — everywhere. And for dinner? Salad. Salad, salad, and once again, salad.


Salad because it’s so easy. Salad because it’s fast. Salad because the weather seems to call for it and you feel like gathering around the table and eating. But you may not feel like eating a whole lot.

Enter one of summer’s greatest challenges. Yes, there’s the challenge of getting the kids to keep their flip flops out of the entryway and to hang up their swimsuits rather than just dropping sopping spandex onto the bathroom tile. I can’t help you with that. But there’s also the challenge of keeping those fresh greens feeling fresh. And that, friends, I’m more than willing to help with.

Let’s start with this one. This thrown-together specimen of a few nights ago that was, I daresay, inspired. That’s right, salad can be both thrown together and inspired.

This chopped salmon salad was inspired by a fateful combination of factors.

One, a freezer full of wild Alaskan salmon.

Two, the desire to create a salad that my six-year-old wouldn’t balk at because its appearance was less suspiciously salad and more a la carte.

Three, a similar salad on the menu at Wildflower Bread Company that I was tempted to try on a recent outing, but instead just made a mental note of the concept so I could make it at home.

Now, your turn: Do try this at home. With a cilantro-lime vinaigrette.

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