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Plenty does it

It started in the matter-of-fact way that dinner often does, with a once-over for the refrigerator.

There were beans that were begging to be eaten, a mix of tepary and black that had been the base of a variation on my favorite chili (because it is fall, isn’t it? Even as it registers 94 degrees today? Last week it was considerably cooler that day I could no longer resist putting to rest a heady hankering for chili).

I was going to take the easy-does-it burrito route, i.e., dinner on autopilot, because I am at this moment supposed to be transcribing a two-hour interview. What’s wrong with throwing the usual components — tortillas, rice, beans, cheddar, corn — on the counter and letting everyone go at it once in a while?

But a stroke of memory brought to mind the fact that I had a half bunch of cilantro. And that led to the realization that my pantry harbored a red onion and garlic, galore. Which reminded me of the green chiles that have been socked in the back of the crisper for a few weeks (or has it been more than a few weeks?). There were no limes, but a lemon would do.

Of course I remembered the yellow summer squash. Summer squash from co-op that, sautéed for a spell, would most definitely play nicely with the corn and beans and cilantro, with all the rest of it.

I don’t know what it is, this compilation for which I can thank serendipity and a swish of proficience.

A what-the-heck-season-is-it-anyway succotash?

An I’m-so-mad-it’s-still-hot-outside-so-salad-still-sounds-good salad?

A newfangled filling for those tortillas? A sidekick for a mean cheddar quesadilla?

Whatever. We’re eating it for dinner.

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