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Grilled tofu skewers

Tofu is much less maligned than it used to be, and aren’t we glad? I mean, if you’re of the alternative-protein persuasion at all, even a couple days a week, then you must be thrilled with the increasing availability of tofu, and with the bounty of recipes in all sorts of mainstream mags.

I know I am.

I like tofu. My girls like tofu. Even my husband, a smoked-pastrami-on-sourdough guy if there ever was one, likes tofu. But I always do essentially the same thing with it: Throw it in a stir-fry or pad thai or fried rice or something else in the neighborhood of Asian preparations.

Know this for sure: Where there has been tofu in my kitchen, there has always been soy sauce.

And surely the stuff is more versatile than that, right? So this time I grilled it. I stuck cubes of it on a stick — after marinating them in a not-Asian-inspired dressing, but a Greek-inspired one made with olive oil, garlic, lemon zest and oregano — and put them on the grill.

Easy, right? Easily out of my comfort zone. Easily attractive to the wee diners at my table, who get a kick out of anything on a stick. Easily delicious.



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